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     rom time to time, we all need reminders of things that are true for us within our own lives. Do you need such reminders? Look at the quotes below for these approximate reminders to brighten up your day.




​1.) "If you are still breathing, then it's not the end of your story. Keep going." ~Tracey S. Yang



2.) "Behind every successful person is 1000 failures. Never give up." ~Tracey S. Yang



3.) "If someone hasn't told you this already today, then believe this. You are good enough. You are special, and you are made with a purpose that no one else can reach. No one can be you, and you can't be anyone else. Why try then? Be yourself. You are the best at it." ~Tracey S. Yang



4.) "No matter what has happened, you all have something wonderful to contribute to society. Each of your pasts whether of which consisted of trauma or your own wrong doings can instead be used to make an impact for the greater good through your example. You are all a blessing. Don't give up on yourself." ~Tracey S. Yang



5.) "One event in your life doesn't define who you are. Never stop learning. You have the power to do something with your life." ~Tracey S. Yang



6.) "Speak death, and it will follow you. Speak life, and it will follow you. Negativity can hurt you more than you know. Positivity can help you more than you ever thought possible." ~Tracey S. Yang



7.) "You are lovable even if you make a mistake. You are lovable even when you are feeling unwanted or rejected. You are lovable even if you don't see yourself as successful. You are lovable even if you don't know who you truly are and feel less unique. You are lovable even if you don't know everything. You are lovable when you don't have the support system you need for your own safety or security. You are still lovable even when you are sad. You are still lovable even when you are at your weakest and most vulnerable point in your life. You are lovable even if you can't keep the peace. You are lovable and worthy of such love. You are worthy. Now love one another and lift each other up also." ~Tracey S. Yang



8.) "Do not be afraid to fail, but even more than that, do not be afraid to succeed. Let yourself change your life." ~Tracey S. Yang



9.) "By following your dreams and being yourself, you are also showing and encouraging others that they too can do great things." ~Tracey S. Yang



10.) "Do not listen to the distortions of others. Find your own truth, and stay there. It hurts everyone to keep your light hidden. Instead, shine your light and truth for all to see. You don't have to live their lie." ~Tracey S. Yang





Did these quotes help you in any way? If so, make sure to share this with a family member or friend who you feel needs a reminder of this as well.





10 Thoughtful Reminders to Brighten up your Day

MAY 16, 2018

Photo Credit: Picjumbo

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Photo Credit: Picjumbo