About Me

Tracey S. Yang is a thought leader, business owner, and author. Her desire to influence positive change in the lives of others is the reason why she currently writes, in which her written work has appeared in the Thrive GlobalThe Odyssey, The Medium, and more. Her past experiences and Christian background are some inspirations for her current work. Tracey S. Yang wrote her first book as a co-author for the publication company Motivation Champs, and the book was released in February 2019. She has also appeared in several podcasts, television shows, and other forms of press. Some of these include The Japan Times, Women On Topp Magazine, and the television show The Talk of Alabama. The Talk of Alabama is broadcasted on abc 33/40.

Tracey S. Yang is currently writing her second book called Gifted Beyond Worlds. Gifted Beyond Worlds is her first fiction book to be released, and it’s scheduled to go live this year in November.

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Tracey S. Yang was born on October 14th, 1990 in Florence, AL. A large part of her childhood was spent growing up in the Alabama-Mississippi area. She decided to follow a career path in entrepreneurship at 12 years old, and she dreamed of one day owning her own entertainment company. Tracey S. Yang carries the belief that entertainment has the ability to create a much-needed positive change for the world. This desire to influence positive change can be found in all of her work. Sitting down, one day, as a child, Tracey S. Yang watched a television show that featured a speaker who spoke about his belief on entertainment and change, which the speaker stated the following, “Entertainment has the ability to change countries.” This statement encouraged Tracey S. Yang to continue onward with her chosen career path. Due to her determination, passion, and persistence to make her dream a reality, today, Tracey S. Yang owns the production company Kyo Production along with her husband John. Her company, Kyo Production, went on to create the television show Undying Faith, which the first episode is currently showing at film festivals.

Tracey S. Yang developed a chronic illness in 2015. Her debilitating illness lasted for roughly 2 years. During this time, her passion to inspire others came out in the form of motivational quotes on her social media accounts. However, during this time, another cyberbullied her. Due to the gruesome nature of the constant harassment and threats, a few others, with concern for her safety suggested it might be in her best interest to quit posting her encouraging quotes until all harassment stopped. However, Tracey didn’t quit. “I won’t stop what I am doing for others just because another doesn’t want me to succeed.” She thought to herself. These painful experiences in her life are currently being used in her work as examples in order to help others. Then, in 2018, these same motivational quotes attracted the attention of a publisher who then asked her to write in an upcoming book as a co-author. This book is called Power Up, Super Women: Stories of Courage and Empowerment, which was released in February of 2019. The book was a success attracting the attention of tv talk shows, radio appearances, newspaper appearances, and more for her and her co-authors.