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Success does not Exist without Failure

Success comes from being consistent. Without being consistent, success will be short-lived. Success is a way of lifestyle thinking and choice. Furthermore, to succeed, a person must first learn how to fail. As well, failure is something that is beneficial to us all. Without failure, success can’t come to fruition. It simply can’t exist becauseĀ it …


How to Use MBTI for Leadership and Growth

MBTI is an abbreviation for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. MBTI is used as a tool in order to connect with others. For a brief summary of each MBTI personality type, click this linkĀ here. This link contains my previously written article. Below consists of a few ways in which leaders can utilize Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a …


How to Increase the Productivity in Others

Below are proven methods used to increase the productivity in others. Depending on what is needed, each leader needs to discern which method(s) will work best for their current situation. 1.) Have empathy As a leader, having empathy is one of the greatest traits you can exhibit. It is essential. Without this particular personality trait, …