Pain is an indicator that something in our life needs to change. Without facing our own pain adequately, it forces us to remain paralyzed. With this type of paralyzed lifestyle, it ultimately guarantees us that we will never be who we are. We cannot live within our purpose. Without expressing and appropriately processing our own hurts, wounds, or feelings, we will be harmingĀ ourselves, and with this, we will become a shell of who we are. When a person cannot face grief, this person cannot get anything that they want in life. They cannot experience joy orĀ happiness either.

For example, let’s look at a perspective pertaining to a person called A. Person A tripped over a railroad track and scratched their foot on a nail. This incident resulted in a wound on Person A’s foot. Person A did not treat the wound. Ignoring the wound resulted in Person A’s foot getting infected, which, then, Person A had to treat with antibiotics. This incident could have been avoided if Person A had not ignored the problem. Our emotional wounds act similarly to our physical wounds. When ignored, our psych will metaphorically become infected, which results in worse consequences for us. Grieving, like medicine, is our healing process for our emotional wounds. It is like our antibiotics.

Without processing grief, we will certainly experience an emotional death. This will cause us to lose ourselves. Only by grieving our own hurts, may we ever return to being a fully whole person again. With this, we must learn to let go. We also need to remember to not stay within our own hurts. Otherwise, this could be another issue in and of itself, which will also cause us to stay stuck in life and become ultimately bitter. We need to acknowledge the pain and problem that is presented towards us. Then, we need to grieve the past situation, which will lead us to let go.

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