Success comes from being consistent. Without being consistent, success will be short-lived. Success is a way of lifestyle thinking and choice. Furthermore, to succeed, a person must first learn how to fail. As well, failure is something that is beneficial to us all. Without failure, success can’t come to fruition. It simply can’t exist because it takes one to learn in order to succeed.

Resilient-minded individuals use failure as a stepping-stone. They say, “What can I learn from this? What can I do differently the next time?” Luckily for all of us, resilience is not a stagnant trait. It can be learned and taught. With practice, we all have the ability to learn to exhibit these traits, which leads to more success. With this indication, for our next attempt at success, it is imperative to implement what we have learned from past failure into a new, more functional process. In this way, this produces growth and prosperity.

Let us look at this example. Does a baby stop learning to walk just because he or she fell down for the first time? Does he or she stop after the second time? How about the third? No. In real life, we see a baby get back up again after falling until he or she is successful in learning how to walk. Never does the baby think, “Well, this isn’t for me.” Just like the child, it is up to us to continue to have this mindset. We need to remember our designated purpose just as it is instructed for us in Ephesians 1:11.

It is important to not take failure as a defeat. Take this opportunity as a learning lesson, but do not take this as an indication to quit. Quitting is what we call an absolute failure for in this way there is no chance for success. Remember to continue onward with your purpose.

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